Our Broken Food System

Picture of shopping basket A friend of mine from Texas recently posted a photo on her Facebook page and asked “Does this really look like $100 worth of food?” take a look at the photo on the left, what do you think…Does this look like $100 dollars worth of food? The reality is that over 63% of our daily calories come from processed foods, and eating healthier costs about $550 more per year for one person. Continue reading

The toxins within us

toxic torsoWe live in a world where we are bombarded by toxins. It is estimated that we are exposed to 6 million pounds of mercury and 2.5 billion pounds other toxic chemicals each year (1) through our food, water and environment. While we can make an effort to avoid some toxins, they can’t be completely avoided – so what can we do? Continue reading

Feed people, not landfills – Part 4 | consumption

food waste

Have you found yourself going shopping and coming back with too many groceries and said, “I shouldn’t have gone shopping on an empty stomach”, or have you ever taken advantage of the supermarket promotion; TODAY ONLY! by-one-get-one free”, only to throw out the second one because it expired before you could eat it? According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Continue reading

Feed people, not landfills – Part 2 | farms

farmers wastingLosses and waste in our food system occur throughout the food supply chain (FSC). Food is lost on farms; during processing, distribution, and storage; in retail stores and food service operations; and in households for a variety of reasons at each stage.(1) In this second part of the four part series I will present the issues related to food loss at the farm level, the causes and suggest some solutions. Continue reading

Stark Reality

Chef Patrick StarkThere is a lot of buzz these days about a restaurant in Dallas, Texas called Sundown at Granada. This restaurant is doing something that big agri-chemical-GMO-seed-producing companies like Monsanto don’t want and everything health savvy customers do want. 18 months ago, Chef Patrick Stark, started a food revolution by creating a menu that features local, organic, GMO free ingredients. Continue reading