“Yoga Mat” Chemical Found In Nearly 500 Foods

Sub sandwich yoga matThe controversial “yoga mat” chemical that Vani Hari, creator of FoodBabe.com, campaigned to remove from Subway sandwich bread has turned up in nearly 500 items and more than 130 brands of bread, stuffing, pre-made sandwiches and snacks, according to an analysis by the Environmental Working Group. Continue reading

Meatless Monday – Acai Berry Bowl

Photo of fresh acai berriesHappy Meatless Monday! The acai berry is an amazing super food that hails from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. This little berry grows on a type of palm tree and is known for its extraordinarily high nutritional value. Brazilian natives found that it boosted their energy levels when consumed regularly, so it just makes sense to enjoy the wonderful purple goodness Continue reading

Meatless Monday – Lucky Black eyed peas

Photo of Black eyed peasHappy Meatless Monday and Happy New Year! When I moved to Texas in 2005 I was introduced to the Southern tradition of eating black eyed peas on New Years Day for good luck, wealth and prosperity. Since this is the first Meatless Monday of the New Year, the tradition has been amended to extend through today. Continue reading

Our Broken Food System

Picture of shopping basket A friend of mine from Texas recently posted a photo on her Facebook page and asked “Does this really look like $100 worth of food?” take a look at the photo on the left, what do you think…Does this look like $100 dollars worth of food? The reality is that over 63% of our daily calories come from processed foods, and eating healthier costs about $550 more per year for one person. Continue reading

Peter, Peter pumpkin eater

Picture of pumkinWith Halloween under our belts and Thanksgiving just around the corner there is one thing I enjoy more than anything about the season…pumpkins! When I was growing up I only knew of two uses for pumpkins; jack-o-lanterns and pie. As an adult with a fascination for real food, I have learned that this wonderful orange holiday icon is a very versatile fruit…yes I did say fruit. A pumpkin is not a vegetable as most people think; it’s a fruit! In fact, it’s really a berry. Continue reading