Celebration of Fall Bowl

Fall Celebration BowlFall is my favorite time of year! The weather is starting to cool off, we are beginning to think about the holidays and squash is in season. This recipe is inspired by the flavors and colors of fall. It is a hearty combination of butternut squash, black beans, quinoa, and kale. It is easy to make, packed with protein, fiber and flavor. This recipe will make four nice size bowls – bon appétit! Continue reading

Bangers and Mash w/ Onion Gravy, Mushy Peas and Tomatoes

photo of bangers and mash with onion gravy and mushy peasOK…I am stuck on English food…and loving it. In my previous post I shared a simple British breakfast recipe for Beans on Toast – now its time for a proper dinner. Bangers and mash with onion gravy and mushy peas is a traditional British meal. Bangers are the ‘sausage’ used in the dish and is a term that goes back to WWII. The term “bangers” is attributed to the fact that sausages, made with water in those days, would explode **BANG** under high heat if not cooked carefully. Continue reading

Fiesta Taco Salad

Picture of Fiesta Taco SaladIt is no secret, or if it is, the secret is out…I love Mexican food. Growing up in Southern California not only influenced my love for Mexican food but it influenced the way I cook. This is one of my favorite recipes – Fiesta Taco Salad. Most people are familiar with the fast food version of the taco salad…this is a healthier version. First of all, it is not served in the deep fired flour shell, which saves you about 400 calories with half of those calories coming from fat. Continue reading

Jicama Salad | Fresh and Easy

Photo of Jicama SaladJicama is an wonderful root vegetable popular in Mexico and sometimes called a Mexican yam or turnip. It is usually eaten raw, sometimes with salt, lemon, or lime juice and chili powder. In Mexico, it is popular in raw salads, fresh fruit combinations, soups, and other cooked dishes. The root’s exterior is yellow and papery, while its inside is creamy white with a crisp texture that resembles raw potato or pear.(1) Continue reading

street tacos with cilantro cream sauce

Photo of street tacos with cilantro cream sauceI have fond memories from my youth in Southern California, crossing the border into Tijuana, Mexico to celebrate the weekends. Part of that celebration included the mass consumption of street tacos…usually around 2am…I can’t remember why it always happened around that time (wink-wink). While most of the street tacos there were made with beef, pork or chicken I was always able to alter the ingredients in a way that I could still partake. Oddly enough, the first historical appearance of tacos in Mexico were Continue reading