The Cosmic Coconut – out of this world

Photo of Cosmic Cafe outsideRecently while on a road trip through Tennessee, I made a stop in Memphis to eat dinner. Not knowing the area I clicked on my Happy Cow app to look for vegan food. Sadly three of the four restaurants were closed for the day but lucky me, the Cosmic Coconut was open. This wonderful green oasis of vegan heaven was probably one of the best vegan cafes I have ever visited.  Continue reading

UNT Food Day | Oct 24, 2013

Food Day 2013 logoThe University of North Texas (UNT) will be celebrating Food Day on Thursday, October 24. Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies. This years event is going to be huge. UNT will celebrate with a farmers market and sustainable food fair, viewing of the movie The Future of Food, Continue reading

Backyard Beans

Green BeanIt’s almost harvest time and it looks like I will have a bounty of green beans. These little pods of green goodness are packed full of stuff that is good for you and I can’t wait to pick and eat. I shared a picture (photo on left) of my first green bean on facebook with all my friends and family last week. My mom, an experienced urban gardener, tells me that once I start to see the beans appear, Continue reading

The toxins within us

toxic torsoWe live in a world where we are bombarded by toxins. It is estimated that we are exposed to 6 million pounds of mercury and 2.5 billion pounds other toxic chemicals each year (1) through our food, water and environment. While we can make an effort to avoid some toxins, they can’t be completely avoided – so what can we do? Continue reading

Feed people, not landfills – Part 4 | consumption

food waste

Have you found yourself going shopping and coming back with too many groceries and said, “I shouldn’t have gone shopping on an empty stomach”, or have you ever taken advantage of the supermarket promotion; TODAY ONLY! by-one-get-one free”, only to throw out the second one because it expired before you could eat it? According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Continue reading