Our Broken Food System

Picture of shopping basket A friend of mine from Texas recently posted a photo on her Facebook page and asked “Does this really look like $100 worth of food?” take a look at the photo on the left, what do you think…Does this look like $100 dollars worth of food? The reality is that over 63% of our daily calories come from processed foods, and eating healthier costs about $550 more per year for one person. Continue reading

The Magic of Mushrooms

Photo of worker picking mushroomsAbout two months ago I took a day trip to Miami, Oklahoma to visit one of the largest mushroom growers in the nation – J & M Mushroom Farms. Thanks to my friend Katy Edwards from J & M, I learned so many new things about mushrooms I did not know and some of what I did know was confirmed. What I did know was that they are a fungus not a fruit or vegetable and that they grew indoors (commercially). What I didn’t know was that mushrooms are one of the fastest growing items in the produce section. Continue reading

Backyard Beans

Green BeanIt’s almost harvest time and it looks like I will have a bounty of green beans. These little pods of green goodness are packed full of stuff that is good for you and I can’t wait to pick and eat. I shared a picture (photo on left) of my first green bean on facebook with all my friends and family last week. My mom, an experienced urban gardener, tells me that once I start to see the beans appear, Continue reading

Toxic salad greens

Image of toxic saladRecently, Taylor Farms of Mexico was found responsible for an outbreak of Cyclospora. The source of the outbreak were bags of salad mix that as of this writing had infected 466 people in 17 states. The FDA and Taylor Farms said they were conducting an environmental assessment of the firm’s processing facility in Mexico to determine what caused the outbreak. Perhaps they just need to check the history books because, as we say in Texas, “this is not their first rodeo.” Continue reading

Planting seeds, growing community

Cardo's Farm Project

It seems like local farms are popping up everywhere. Fueled by strong consumer demand for locally grown organic produce, it looks like this trend is here to stay. What started as an agricultural experiment years ago in the small town of Ponder, Texas has turned into a successful community supported farm known as Cardo’s Farm Project (CFP). This farm embraces sustainable farming methods and grows produce without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and supplies produce to local businesses, farmers markets and CSA members. Continue reading